City of Cumming – Bethelview AWRF Sludge Dryer

Bid Date: April 12, 2023

Estimated Construction Cost: $20,000,000.00

The City of Cumming, Georgia (Owner) is soliciting BIDS for the construction of the following project: Bethelview AWRF Sludge Dryer. The project’s scope is as follows: This project shall include the construction of the Bethelview AWRF Sludge Dryer. The project scope includes the construction of a sludge dryer building including associated pumps and equipment.  A new sludge storage tank, blower building, and odor control at the influent pump station.  Modifications to the digester blower building, sludge pumping facilities, gray water pump station, backwash, and return pump station, administration/laboratory building, and Orbal basin.  Demolition of the maintenance building and the interior of the sludge dewatering building.

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