David Gauker

Mr. Gauker has 46 years of experience in operations, design, and construction of water and wastewater treatment plants. His expertise includes hydraulic, biological and solids handling process design including evaluations of various process alternatives to provide the best solution to the client. Being well versed in operations, he understands the special challenges associated with design and construction of retrofits and upgrades to existing facilities. His process experience in combination with recommended operational changes has saved clients millions of dollars by re-rating and process optimization in lieu of major construction. Mr. Gauker has also participated in value engineering studies determining cost effectiveness, constructability and suitability.

His industrial project experience includes wastewater pre-treatment facilities, railroad fueling terminal upgrades and a number of state correctional facilities.

David enjoys cruising with his wife of 38 years and visiting regularly with his five grandchildren. Both David and his wife Susan are avid NASCAR racing fans.