Water and Sewerage Master Plan Development

Strategic planning for infrastructure improvements

Civil Engineering Consultants provides water and wastewater engineering and master planning for collection, treatment and distribution.

We also offer expert support for public involvement and community outreach related to projects affecting homeowners, landowners and commercial interests. CEC’s civil engineering consultants are available 24/7 to speak with stakeholders about project impacts and mitigation strategies.


Water Master Planning & Modeling

Civil Engineering Consultants creates community system plans and models using population projections and peak flow conditions to stress the system and identify potential deficiencies. Our water supply system engineers use WaterCAD software for all modeling efforts.

Local Planning Policies

  • Design Criteria Codes And Regulations
  • Service Area And Utility Agreements
  • Raw Water Resources
  • Water Source Protection
  • Water Conservation
  • Drought Contingency & Emergency Water Management

Water System Model

  • Water Model And Calibration
  • High Pressure Zones And High Elevations
  • Model Demand Distribution
  • High Service Pumps
  • Tank Levels

System Inventory And Evaluation

  • Raw Water Source
  • Raw Water Intake
  • Potable Water Production
  • Deficiencies And Recommendations
  • Finished Water Storage
  • Distribution Network
  • Booster Pump Stations

Capital Improvement Recommendations

  • Proposed Upgrades To Meet Intermediate Demands
  • Recommended Improvements For Fire Flow Availability

Future Demand Forecasts

  • Service Area Characteristics & Demographics
  • Topography
  • Population Estimates And Forecasts
  • Land Use And Transportation Impacts
Sewer Master Planning & Modeling

Civil Engineering Consultants analyzes existing and future land uses and applies unit flows for each land use to determine projected flows for the drainage basin. Pump station and collection system requirements are provided on the master plan map, allowing the system owner and proposed developers to quickly identify the system improvements required to provide sewer within the service area. When a master plan document is approved by the system owner, piecemeal development of the sewerage infrastructure is more easily avoided.

Local Planning Policies

  • Consumptive Use
  • Water Reuse
  • Sewer Connection Policy
  • New Private Wastewater Systems
  • Older Septic Systems
  • Design Criteria For System Components

System Demand Forecasts & Models

  • Wastewater Flow Forecasts
  • Infiltration And Inflow (I&I)
  • Peak Flow

Sewer Service Area Analysis

  • Service Area Characteristics
  • Service Area Recommendations

Source Water Protection

  • Raw Water Intake Source Water Protection
  • Source Water Protection For Other Raw Water Intakes

System Inventory

  • Advanced Water Reclamation Facilities
  • Existing Collection Network And Pump Stations
  • Proposed Pump Stations
  • Pump Station Decommissioning Plans